Survive 2012: Safe Spots eBook

Survive 2012 – Safe Spots

Important information regarding how to survive a global cataclysm in 2012

Author: Robert Bast

Robert Bast
Founder of:

    • – the first website dedicated to 2012, with 20 million visitors in 11 years.
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Robert’s media appearances include Playboy magazine (Sept 09), 2011: 100 Days of Disaster (Australian TV documentary – excerpt above), Urban Male Magazine (Canada), the cover story of Hard Evidence magazine (Australia), 2012 – The Final Prophecy – a documentary on National Geographic channel and numerous radio and print interviews.

Is there anything that I can do to prepare for the worst?

Virtually everything you read about 2012 is wrong, especially online but also in newspapers and most books.

The debunkers focus on easy aspects like planetary alignments (there isn’t one in 2012) and ignore or trivialise real threats like earthquakes, solar flares and comets.

The scaremongers tell you they have proof that something terrible will occur at exactly 11:11AM, Dec 21, 2012.

The New Agers encourage you to embrace the change, although they struggle to explain why it will happen in 2012.

However, there are facts:

    • The ancient Mayans, as recorded in the Popol Vuh, believed that at the end of each age humans were wiped out. The current age ends in Dec 2012.
    • The solar cycle will peak in 2012/2013 and NASA has warned that a Cornonal Mass Ejection from the sun (like a solar flare) could destroy satellites and power grids – try living without electricity!
    • A comet could be heading right for us, due in Dec 2012, without being spotted yet. Guess who discovers comets more than NASA? Yep, amateurs.
    • There are indicators that Yellowstone supervolcano might be building up to an eruption.

Stop worrying about the why and just start preparing. Nobody knows for sure what will happen, but my survival information will prepare you for all eventualities.

What if I don’t believe any of those things will happen?

How about a flu pandemic, one that kills a significant percentage of our communities? Did you know that the #1 killer of soldiers during World War 1 was the flu? Scientists say we are long overdue for a new pandemic.

Preparing to survive a flu outbreak is the same as preparing for a CME for supervolcano erupting.

Dozens of scenarios – one survival path!

“I found Survive 2012 to be an informative, well-written and engrossing read, with numerous tips and ideas for survival world-wide. Even better is the fact that it is basically a manual to prepare yourself physically and mentally for any disaster, not just the end of the world. Many thanks for this life-saving information.”

– Steve B

Here’s the introduction to the New Zealand section:

New Zealand

Geologically speaking, New Zealand is not a great place to survive. Most people live on the coast. One third of all New Zealanders live in Auckland, which is the only major city in the world to have two harbours – that is really coastal. To make things worse, Auckland is built on top of many volcanoes that are considered dormant. The most recent volcano is Rangitoto Island at the entrance to Waitemata Harbour, which was only formed 1000 years ago. The North Island has many volcanoes, not the least of which is the supervolcano Lake Taupo. Like Japan it is on the Rim of Fire, and that means earthquakes as well as volcanoes, hence the country’s nickname The Shaky Isles.

For the first time in a survival manual, the safest places in the world are listed!

    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Great Britain
    • USA
    • Africa
    • South America
    • Europe

Please Note: Asia is not covered, but any readers in Asia can contact me for a free appraisal of their situation.

How much will survival cost?

Building a bunker on a pristine block of wilderness, with a fleet of snowmobiles and 20 years of MREs would cost a small fortune. Bunkers are great, but only suited to a couple of SHTF scenarios. Most of the solutions provided in this book are low-cost and budget-minded. There’s even tips on how to survive for free!


Book Contents


Why 2012?

Section 1 - Possible Threats

Comet / Asteroid
Cosmic Radiation
Coronal Mass Ejection
A CME Scenario
Magnetic Pole Shift
Crustal Pole Shift
Civil Unrest
Military Invasion
Global Warming / Climate Change
Mini Ice Age
Water Shortage
Food Shortage
Plan on Being Wrong

Section 2 - You and Your Safe Spot

How Much Preparation?
Buy a Berth
Other Uses
Family + Friends
Letting Strangers In
Go Bag / Go Vehicle
Example Go Bag
Additional Items for Your Car
On Your Person
Meeting Places
Camping and Vacations
One Last Thing – Do it!

Section 3 - Global Safe Spots

find out in the book, NSW
find out in the book, NSW
find out in the book, Victoria
find out in the book, Victoria
find out in the book, Victoria
Rest of Australia

New Zealand
North Island
find out in the book
Just North of Auckland
Just South of Auckland
Central North Island
South Island
Top of the South Island

South Africa
The Rest of Africa

South America
find out in the book

North America
find out in the book
find out in the book
San Francisco / San Jose
Los Angeles / San Diego
Houston / Dallas
Chicago or Detroit or Minneapolis
New York City / Boston
Philadelphia / Washington D.C.
Miami / Fort Lauderdale

Eastern Canada
British Columbia

England and Wales
Escaping London
find out in the book
find out in the book
Nottingham / Birmingham
Manchester / Liverpool / Sheffield / Leeds
find out in the book


Continental Europe
find out in the book

Eastern Europe
find out in the book
find out in the book

Section 4 – Survival Tips and Tricks

Achieving a Safe Spot
Mapping Your Options
Food and Water
Triple Redundancy
Emergency Training
Know Your Safe Spot Neighbours
Electric and Electronic Items
Mechanical Items and Tools
Unusual or Unexpectedly Useful Items
Hiding Out
Hiding Things
Sandbags and Gravel
Get Your Health Sorted
EMP Attack
Faraday Cage
Staying at Home (instead of having a safe spot)
Post-SHTF Trading and Bartering
Natural Defences
Further Reading


56 pages / 23,000 words + maps

Enjoy the book and please make an effort to prepare – few people will, and you never know – the future of our species may depend on your actions.

Yours sincerely,
Robert Bast

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